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Ocean Butterflies International

The most influential and comprehensive independent music powerhouse in Asia

Established since 1986, Ocean Butterflies now operates in five regions: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Funded by three international venture capitalist giants, IDG (International Data Group of, the record-breaking highest IPO in NASAQ over the past five years), Accel Partners (of Real Players & macromedia) & SIG(Susquehanna International Group),

Ocean Butterflies International comprises 5 major enterprises:

Ocean Butterflies Music: music label, artiste management, music production, concert organizer, marketing & distribution network. Managing top regional artistes including JJ Lin, A-Do, Li Bing-bing, Kym, Rynn & BY2, etc.

Touch Music Publishing: the leading independent music publisher in Asia. Administrating over half of a millions songs from all over the world. Having more than 100 exclusive songwriters who have written many hits in the last 2 decades.

Ocean Butterflies Technology: An interactive on-line and mobile digital music platform. Partnering with strategic partners on extensive digital/mobile distribution & licensing network.

Music Forest: an Ocean Butterflies musicology. One of the biggest music schools in the Chinese-pop market which operates in Singapore, Malaysia & mainland China.

Ocean Butterflies Communications: product branding / marketing and event organizing.

With these entertainment integrated marketing capabilities; Ocean Butterflies International has become one of the world’s largest Chinese entertainment groups.

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