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TOUCH Music Publishing


The Leading Independent Music Publishers in Singapore and Across Asia

Established since 1989, Touch is the first independent music publisher in Singapore to actively encourage, promote and protect the interests of local songwriters and their works. We are passionate about finding talent that is overlooked by commercial labels and helping them establish themselves as a successful artist.

Now operating in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, Touch has managed to break the barriers of both international and independent record labels with many hits over the past decades. Working with countless artists of many different styles, it now admins over half a millions of songs from all over the world!

The all-time winner of COMPASS (Composers’ & Authors’ Society of Singapore) Awards in ‘Top Local Publisher’ (independent) for the past 15 consecutive years, Touch has consistently been the industry’s leading independent publisher in Asia. Touch has a particularly strong influence in Chinese-Pop with more than 100 exclusive songwriters.

Now is the time to get your music career kick-started and have your gift recognised. We always want to find new talent to take on board and bring into the team, so if you think you have what it takes, send us your demos @!