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Advanced Song & Music Composition and Production Course


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The Advanced Song & Music Composition and Production Course provides the trainees with the skills and experience to compose and produce an original song.

A team of carefully assembled music industry professionals will collaborate to mentor and foster the trainees through this course. Trainees will spend a number of hours in the studio where they are encouraged and motivated to compose, arrange, produce, record, mix and promote a song as their final project.

Trainees will stand a chance to have their original material compiled into an album release, thereby gaining an opportunity to springboard their artistic career.

Music practitioners who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents may apply for the Capability Development Grant from the National Arts Council. All applications are competitive and subject to NAC’s assessment criteria. For more information on Capability Development Grant, please refer here.

COURSE MODULES (Curriculum subject to change) 

Advanced Songwriting & Advanced Music Arranging
This module will equip the student with advanced songwriting and music arranging skills. Students will be guided to compose lyrics and music – and getting hit songs on the air. From creating memorable lyrics, composing the melody, crafting song structure. They will be using various software synthesisers and Logic X to arrange a professional sounding music accompaniments.

Music Mixing
Students will be hand guided and provided technical and artistic skills in the recording studio to combine and mix the multi-tracks to create the final mix. Advanced use of dynamics to control sound levels, equalising to modify frequency response and tonal balancing concepts will be taught by professionals in their field. Students will be given ample time in a professional recording studio to work on their song projects.

Music Editing
This module will equip the student intricate skills to edit their music and vocals and bring them to the next level. Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, Antares Auto Tune and Celemony Melodyne will be among the software used and taught in this module.

This module will provide the student the skill sets to take on the role of a music producer. The producer’s many roles include gathering ideas for the project, song and musician selection, coaching the artist and musicians in the recording studio, controlling the recording sessions and supervising the entire project.

Overdubbing Tracks and Recording Tracks
Students will be provided the artistic skills and concepts to record and layer musical instruments and voices to produce a professional and mellifluous song production.

A&R, Promotion, Copyright and Distribution
Students will learn to take on the Artist & Repertoire (A&R) roles in the artist development of recording artists and or songwriters from music industry professionals. They will also gain an understanding to navigate the business world of music copyright and distribution networks.

This module provides the student concepts, technical skills and knowledge to prepare the digital master from the final mix. Critical listening and software tools will be utilised to achieve professional sounding masters.

Course Commencement: TBA (Subject to change)
Course Duration: 6 Months (200 Hours)
Lesson: 1 – 2 times per week

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