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V Singer 非常歌手

Thousands of people with the same aspiration, in search of one dream.

Produced by Ocean Butterflies, the debut of V-Singer in 2012 runs its 6th edition with an aim to discover the next icon of Asia. Clearly evident with the numerous singers garnered and groomed from the course itself since its formation in the year 1996, this hallmark of excellence has made the V-Singer program receive time-honored respect and recognition in the discovery of talents in the music industry.

Believing there is always an unfound diamond in the rough, V-Singer is held biennially to discover and potentialize vocal talents and bring them to fame.

Wall of Fame: BY2, 林俊杰, 阿杜, 蔡淳佳, 林宇中, 洪俊杨, 石欣卉, 郑可为, 黄靖伦, Wil Tay,杨佳盈, 龚芝怡, 周玮贤, 龚诗嘉, 陈瑞彪