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Current Artistes under our Management

At Ocean Butterflies Music, we pride ourselves on our versatile team of talented musicians and gifted singer-songwriters. Initially focusing on XinYao in early years of operation, our label has become increasingly prevalent in the Mando-pop scene and has nurtured a number of extremely successful careers into fruition. We have a strong passion for the music industry and focus on providing an accessible platform for local talent to let their true potential shine through.

Some of the best singersongwriters 

Our dedicated and passionate approach to artist management has attracted a wide range of incredible talent both locally and internationally. We work with artists in our home country along with Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan, and are continually looking for new talent to become part of the family at Ocean Butterflies Music. Our team is also extensively experienced in concert and event preparation, so be sure to keep an eye on our upcoming events to see if any of your favourite artistes will be performing near you.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.


English Name: StellaVee

Stella’s Birthdate: 28 Oct

Vee’s Birthdate: 31 Jul

Stella and Vee – the two who make up the Dynamic Duo, StellaVee – are passionate individuals with an undying love for songwriting and performance. Stella’s gentle nature and Vee’s relentless energy, coupled with their many years of friendship have made this partnership a match made in heaven. In 2017,《StellaVee》started out on Youtube and TikTok, uploading Song Covers and Vlogs. 《StellaVee》rose to fame with their rendition of ‘Stay With Me’ after having their videos reposted on Taiwanese Media and Malaysian Media Social Media Sites – breaking one million views in a matter of weeks. In the year 2018, they also hosted the online show ‘KKBOX Music Supper’. StellaVee’s numerous singles – 《朋友说 A Friend Says》, 《天空的眼泪 Tears from the Sky》, 《因为你 It’s You》and 《网兽 Cyber Beast》have also been critically acclaimed! After two years of hard work and preparation, they released their debut album 《朋友说》in November 2019!


English Name: Joker Xue
Birthdate: 17 July

薛之谦 Joker Xue is a Chinese singer, record producer, actor and television host. His single, Snow《认真的雪》, created a significant fanbase. Joker achieved huge success in his 2016 comeback and gained immense popularity which allowed him to feature in over 50 popular variety programs with various roles such as program judge and host (MC). His hit-songs are 《演员》《丑八怪》《初学者》《刚刚好》and more.


English Name: Vae Xu
Birthdate: 14 May

A renowned lyricist, composer, producer and singer in Mainland China. 许嵩 Vae released his debut album 《苏格拉没有底》after joining Ocean Butterflies Music in 2011, the album made its way up to the top of the charts within days. He then toured China with music showcases and concerts, counting to more than 100 shows as of now.


English Name: Z-Chen

Birthdate: 08 May


张智成 Z-Chen, is a Malaysian singer that has successfully made his name in the Taiwanese music industry, specialise in singing R&B. He is also known as “The Little Prince of R&B” (R&B 小王子). Z-Chen’s hit songs are 《凌晨三点钟》《暗恋》《May I Love You》《你爱上的我》。

His album《18》&《你是不是张智成》are released in March 2017 & December 2019 respectively.


English Name: Jocie Guo

Birthdate: 21 March


郭美美 Jocie is a Singaporean singer who made her first single《老鼠爱大米》debut in 2005. Jocie was depicted as a sweet innocent cartoon girl and became famous within weeks of her debut single release. Her single《老鼠爱大米》&《不怕不怕》sold over 60,000 copies, breaking all records in Singapore, was the Top 10 Best-Selling Albums of 2006 in Singapore, and Top 10 Best-Selling Albums in Taiwan. Won over 15 Music Awards, Jocie received the honorable “Most Potential Newcomer” Award at Guangzhou’s “勁歌王” Mandarin Charts Awards in China and “Most Popular New Female Artiste” award at the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards held in Singapore. Her 4th and 5th album《你的名字》、《起风了》has released in Feb 2017 & Nov 2018.