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Collaborating Artistes


English Name: Jacky Chew
Birthdate: 24 June


周玮贤 Jacky Chew, a singer-songwriter born in Singapore. Jacky was from the same batch of the V-Singer program with JJ Lin, a program set to train singers to be professionals organised by Ocean Butterflies Music. Jacky participated in Channel U singing competition “SuperBand” with 2 other members which they called “J3” in 2006, and made it to the TOP 4 finalist. He released his first album 《Jacky周玮贤同名专辑》in June 2015.


English Name: Juno Lin

Birthdate: 18 January

Juno 林昭宇, a singer-songwriter born in Singapore. He was formerly a member of the band “Man Tou (馒头)” in Channel U’s reality program “SUPERBAND (非常SuperBand)” and got into the Top 10 Finalist. He released his first album “Juno ¡uno!” in June 2015.


English Name: Wincci Soo

Birthdate: 30 August

Soo Wincci is a Malaysian actress, composer, chef, host, model, beauty queen and also an entrepreneur. Soo was crowned Miss World Malaysia 2008 and represented Malaysia in the Miss World 2008 beauty pageant. In 2013, She was selected by Hollywood’s Independence Critics as the world Top 100 most beautiful women in the world. She is a law graduate from University of Reading (UK), MBA holder University of Sunshine Coast and received her PHD in Business Administration from Open University Malaysia.


English Name: Ruth Kueo

Birthdate: 30 August

A Singaporean young independent singer-songwriter who writes melodies which sings of heartfelt stories, 魏妙如 Ruth has garnered some of the industry’s most influential personalities’ affirmations as a promising singer-songwriter. Beneath her sweet and petite deposition lies a set of powerhouse vocals which has earn her much recognition on local and international stages 新加坡金曲奖, Million Star 华人星光大道,Super Idol 超级偶像,金牌麦克风, 我要当歌手.