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2020 Professional Music Career Program

Calling Registration for Professional Music Career Program

Ocean Butterflies Music is offering local training programs for those aspiring to build a career in the industry. This is the fourth time we have been running this series of courses and have updated the curriculum to give students the best possible education.

This year’s Professional Music Career Programs will focus on providing training that meets the demands of the modern industry in order to aid the young and aspiring artists to build their knowledge and kick-start a career. Besides continuing to introduce strong fundamental professional trainings such as song writing, audio engineering, sound recording, music production and arrangement, trainees will also be equipped with general knowledge on the entertainment industry which is essential in their development. The program has been designed in a holistic structure to help trainees develop well rounded skills and equip them for success moving forward.

Derrick Tham – a renowned instructor and one of the instructors for our Music Career Program shares with us on his experience in Songwriting.

2020 Fundamentals Song Composition and Music Arrangement Course

The Fundamentals Song Composition and Music Arrangement Course provides the trainees with fundamental techniques to be a songwriter, music arranger or producer.

MODULES includes:
1. Principles of Melody & Lyrics
2. Principles of Music Arrangement
3. Digital Audio in Audio Engineering
4. Introduction to Digital Audio Workstation
5. Keyboard Enhancement
6. Songwriting Analysis
7. Music Theory
8. Musical History & Style
9. Vocal Techniques
10. Introduction to Entertainment Business

Course Commencement: April 2020 (Subject to change)

Click here for more information on the modules and course

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