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Stella and Vee – the two who make up the Dynamic Duo, StellaVee – are passionate individuals with an undying love for songwriting and performance. Stella’s gentle nature and Vee’s relentless energy, coupled with their many years of friendship have made this partnership a match made in heaven. In 2017,《StellaVee》started out on Youtube and TikTok, uploading Song Covers and Vlogs. 《StellaVee》rose to fame with their rendition of ‘Stay With Me’ after having their videos reposted on Taiwanese Media and Malaysian Media Social Media Sites – breaking one million views in a matter of weeks. In the year 2018, they also hosted the online show ‘KKBOX Music Supper’. StellaVee’s numerous singles – 《朋友说 A Friend Says》, 《天空的眼泪 Tears from the Sky》, 《因为你 It’s You》and 《网兽 Cyber Beast》have also been critically acclaimed! After two years of hard work and preparation, they released their debut album 《朋友说》in November 2019!