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郭美美 Jocie is a Singaporean singer who made her first single《老鼠爱大米》debut in 2005. Jocie was depicted as a sweet innocent cartoon girl and became famous within weeks of her debut single release. Her single《老鼠爱大米》&《不怕不怕》sold over 60,000 copies, breaking all records in Singapore, was the Top 10 Best-Selling Albums of 2006 in Singapore, and Top 10 Best-Selling Albums in Taiwan. Won over 15 Music Awards, Jocie received the honorable “Most Potential Newcomer” Award at Guangzhou’s “勁歌王” Mandarin Charts Awards in China and “Most Popular New Female Artiste” award at the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards held in Singapore. Her 4th and 5th album《你的名字》、《起风了》has released in Feb 2017 & Nov 2018.