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2017 Fundamentals of Song Composition & Music Arrangement

Fundamentals of Song Composition and Music ArrangementSign Up Now


The Fundamentals Song Composition and Music Arrangement Course provides the trainees with fundamental techniques to be a songwriter, music arranger or producer.

A specialist team of established and experienced music industry professionals are engaged to provide a comprehensive and diverse skill sets, training and mentoring the trainees.  

Trainees will obtain in-depth and practical skills in both technical and artistic stills from this programme. This includes strong fundamentals in music theory, music analysis, sound recording and demo production to enable the trainees to have the skills required for a strong head start in their career.

*Under the joint government and industry effort, music practitioners who are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may apply for the Capability Development Grant from National Arts Council. For more information on Capability Development Grant, please refer here.


COURSE MODULES (Curriculum subject to change)

Principles of Melody & Lyrics
This module will provide students with an introduction to the concepts of writing and producing ‘hit’ songs. They will apply this knowledge and create a catalog of songs that can be pitched to music publishers or projects

Principles of Music Arrangement
This module will provide students with the skills to enhance a melody with various instruments and styles. They will focus on creating tracks that can be used for melody writers or even as background music.

Digital Audio in Audio Engineering 
This module will provide the student with a broad introduction into the theoretical, technical creative and artistic principles of sound and recording. During the course of this module, students will be introduced to basic acoustic principles, microphones, signal flow, recording studio equipment, and communication skills.

Introduction to Digital Audio Workstation
During the course of this module, students will be introduced to hardware and software based digital technology and will be introduced to digital audio workstation software (DAW). This module will also provide the students with an introduction into the theoretical, technical, and creative principles of synthesizers synthesis, MIDI protocol, synthesizer and MIDI terminology, technology and the creative practical application of keyboards, hardware and software.

Keyboard Enhancement
Students will be guided to apply various keyboard playing skills to enhance their quality of demos and/or music arrangements.

Songwriting Analysis
During the course of this module, students will listen to and analyze songs from all eras and different genres of music to form an understanding of what makes a great song.

Music Theory 
This module will provide the student with a broad introduction into the basic rudiments of music theory.

Musical History & Style
This module will provide the student with a broad introduction into the history of pop music and its impact on and from culture. They will also be required to create musical works of the same periods that they study.

Vocal Techniques
This module will provide the student with the fundamentals of vocal techniques required for creating polished demos for songwriting.

This module aims to familarise trainees with the western staff notation system through the use of notation software, MuseScore. Trainees will also experience transcribing their musical arrangement in score, as well as interpreting and performing the works.

Career Development
This module will provide the student with the knowledge and means to properly present themselves as working professionals in any industry in which they pursue a career. During the course of this module students will be introduced to resume writing, communication skills, goal recognition, as well as practical information and exercises that will enhance career development plans, improve job search skills, and entrepreneurship.

Introduction to Entertainment Business 
This module will provide the student with a broad introduction of the entertainment industry. During this course students will learn about Film & TV, Radio, Video Games, New Media, and how they all encompass the business of music.


Course Commencement: July 2017 (Subject to change)
Course Duration: 4 – 5 Months (226 Hours)
Lesson: 2 – 3 times per week


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*All applications are competitive and subject to NAC’s assessment criteria.